Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mayflower Gulch - July 2017

Wildflowers in Mayflower Gulch with Atlantic Peak and Fletcher Mountain

Cami and I drove to the trailhead at Mayflower Gulch in the Tenmile Range this week with the intention of camping and hiking Atlantic and Pacific peaks the following day, but it ended up raining all morning Tuesday.  There were, however brief periods on Monday afternoon and night where the clouds broke and gave us some good views:

Old mining cabins in Mayflower Gulch with Atlantic Peak and Fletcher Mountain

Trip Report of mayflower Gulch with wildflowers and Milky Way and old Mining Cabins near Leadville Colorado
Mayflower Gulch at Night - Prints available

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Painting - Teton Milky Way

Teton Milky Way - Prints available

There's something about starry skies that can bring about a sense of awe and inspiration for me.  The same goes for mountains.  The infinite space and giant rock forms make us seem small...or make God seem big.

This acrylic painting was taken from multiple images of midnight photo shoots of the Milky Way and predawn images of the Grand Teton Mountain Range from northwestern Wyoming.  In my opinion, the Tetons from near Jackson Hole are the most majestic and jagged peaks in the lower 48 states.  I've wanted to paint them for a while, but have been focusing on summer trips and photography.  A couple of rainy days in the mountains have kept us home giving me the opportunity to paint.

This time-lapse video is approximately 6 hours of painting time condensed into about 4 minutes:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Backpacking Missouri Lakes Basin - July 2017

missouri lakes in the Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado
Missouri Lakes - Prints available

I'm getting backed up on processing photos so this one will have no story.  Just some pictures from our recent backpacking trip to a really cool place, the Holy Cross Wilderness:

Pool and Marigolds - Prints Available

Missouri Lakes Sunrise - Prints available

Treasure Vault Lake - Prints Available