Friday, October 16, 2015

The End of Autumn

Longs Peak one of the Colorado 14ers at Sunset in Autumn with aspen grove in Rocky Mountain National Park
Longs Peak after the first snow of the season Oct, 2015 - Prints available

The last light of the evening turns the clouds pink as they lift off of Longs Peak to reveal the first snow of the season. A fresh dusting of white blankets the peak and contrasts with the giant "Diamond" east face of the mountain. Most of the color is gone from the aspen trees along the hillside except for a few remaining stands of bright yellow and orange. The fall foliage color season has lasted a long time this year as different stands turned at different times...some as late as mid-October!  The sunset on this evening was one of the most colorful and beautiful I've ever witnessed!  I only wish It would last longer, but that magic hour is short lived indeed.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rocky Mountain National Park - Autumn 2015

Longs Peak with Aspens from Peak to peak highway in Estes Park

This year was not the most ideal for Fall Color photography in the Colorado mountains.  Many of the popular aspen viewing areas have been infected with some sort of fungus (or that's what they're saying) that causes the aspens to turn brown and drop their leaves prematurely.  Our very wet spring followed by a drought at the end of summer could be one of the causes of these unhealthy aspen groves.  Also, the peaks were still snow free due to the warm weather.  So, after hearing these reports, I decided to stay closer to home this season and spend some time in Rocky Mountain National Park.  As far as I've seen, the park wasn't affected as described.  The aspens looked healthy and the colors were vibrant!

Here's a compilation of photographs from multiple trips to RMNP in the past couple weeks:

Wild Basin Area

Mt. Meeker Pagoda and Mount Alice at sunrise in Autumn panoramic
Wild Basin at Sunrise - Prints available


Bear Lake Area
Bierstadt Lake Trail

Elk Bugle

Bear Lake and Longs Peak in Autumn in Rocky Mountain National Park at the classic location at sunset
Bear Lake and Longs Peak at Sunset - Prints available


Horseshoe Park Area


Mt. Chaquita

Horseshoe Park at Sunset in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado with Elk
Sunset in Horseshoe Park (elk herd on the right)