Friday, August 12, 2022

New Paintings - Summer 2022

 This was the first summer we've had that Cami has been working while I stay home and play Mr. Mom.  It's been an adjustment, but we found our groove.  We all spent a few hours in the mornings painting and jamming out to Skillet in the studio before we went on to chores and the rest of our day.  I was able to finish a couple paintings during these sessions with the kids.  The first one features an awesome sunset I shot a couple summers ago from up high on the rock cut formation along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Blocking in color

Finishied acrylic painting - Prints Available

The second is of a peaceful waterfall inspired by an off the path discovery in the Bighorn Mountains of Northeasterrn Wyoming.  This one took a bit longer with all the flower details.  I've learned that I enjoy rocks.  I could paint rocks for days.  Grass?  Not so much!

Flowing - Prints Available