Friday, June 19, 2020

Hiking Sky Pond, RMNP - June, 2020

Rocky Mountain National Park Sky Pond Panorama Prints Photography panoramic
Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park - Prints available

This past weekend we did a "warm up" hike to Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This has got to be one of the best hikes in the whole Estes Park area.  The lake sits at the base of rugged spires known as the Sharkstooth and 13,000 ft. Taylor Peak.  In early June, there was plenty of snow to cross with an exciting scramble up a waterfall to reach this high glacial lake.  Marmots and other critters weren't afraid of people up here. One even walked right up to our feet!  A good day with great friends and a "manhandler" at Smokin' Daves for lunch is always a worthy prize for such a workout.

The Loch

Lake of Glass

The Sharkstooth

...And here's a relaxing set of video clips from the hike:

Monday, June 8, 2020

Backpacking Boulder Lake with the Kids - June 2020

The Coronavirus has kept us all home for months.  National Parks are beginning to open and outdoor recreation is considered a good social distancing activity. We chose a more secluded area in the Eagle's Nest Wilderness to take the kids on their first backpacking trip.  The route was 3 miles one way and 1,500 ft. of elevation gain with lots of ups and downs along the way.  We had doubts on how the kids would do especially Kolby with his little almost 4 year old legs.  Well...the two of them were troopers!  We just had to keep playing games and taking snack breaks to keep them entertained.  They made it all the way to the lake and I didn't even have to carry them (much). By the way, sunrise at the lake was stunning!

Boulder Lake Black and White

Boulder Lake Sunrise - Vertical

Sunrise in the Eagle's Nest Wilderness Silverthorne Colorado Gore Range Boulder Lake lakes
Sunrise at Boulder Lake - Prints Available