Friday, June 14, 2019

Designing a Fantasy RPG Poster

Just finished a super fun design of icons of the different classes in fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.  Each image was done with colored pencils on paper while the background was sponge painted.  We have been playing D&D 5e with a couple groups and are having a blast.  So I thought I would make something that goes well in our game room downstairs.  I title it, "Tools of the Trade". 

The icons and respective classes (left to right, top to bottom) are as follows:

Paladin - Winged helm
Monk - Fist
Fighter - Sword/shield
Druid - Antlers
Bard - Lute
Healer - Radiant mace
Barbarian - Axe
Wizard - Potion and magic staff
Warlock - Horned skull
Ranger - Bow and arrows
Sorcere - Fireball
Rogue - Daggers

Here's a Video of the Entire Process:

Rough draft

Finished Poster:

Tools of the Trade: Prints available

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mountain Photography - Winter 2018/2019

Mount Princeton a fourteener in Buena Vista Colorado at sunrise in Winter 14ers
Mt. Princeton Sunrise

This year, I'm working on a handful of four season photographs from Rocky Mountain National Park as well as the Collegiate Peaks area near Buena Vista/Leadville.  This is kind of a cool new experience for me in that I get to visit these locations four times (or more) in one single year and get to explore a little deeper and see the different moods of the landscapes.  It is amazing how drastic a mountain scene can change over the course of two or three months!  Totally looking forward to putting all these photographs together side by side at the end of this summer.  Winter is my least favorite experience wise.  Not a big fan of waiting for the sun to come up while standing outside in the -10 degree windchill factor, but the scenes themselves look awesome.  In my opinion, mountains look most majestic covered in a blanket of white.

Winter cabin with Twin Lakes and Sawatch Mountains Behind Colorado Leadville
Old Cabin in the Sawatch

Sunrise twin lakes colorado mountains mount hope sawatch range CO

Mount Elbert and Twin Lakes in Winter near Leadville Colorado
Mt. Elbert (Tallest Peak in Colorado)

Sunrise - Indian Peaks Wilderness from the Front Range

Winter Hallett Peak Rocky Mountain National Park Four Seasons RMNP
Hallett Peak - RMNP