Saturday, July 20, 2019

Mt. Lady Washington - July, 2019

lady washington trip report

Lady Washington is that "little" bump of a hill to the right of the famous 14er, Longs Peak.  It sees little traffic due to it's elevation being only in the low 13,000's.  Longs is a physically and mentally challenging peak to climb.  When you finish, you have a sense of accomplishment, but you just want to sleep afterward.  For about half the distance and a thousand feet of of elevation gain less, you get to enjoy your day a bit more and have one of the coolest views from the summit of any mountain in Colorado.

The hike was pretty fun and there was a bit of scrambling up large boulders toward the top.  Tim has been running marathons and pushes me on the trail sections of our hikes, but slows down closer to my pace when we start scrambling up or down.  Overall, I think it took us about 6 hours of hiking time from car to car with the true reward being the airy view of the east face of Longs Peak!

The diamond face of Longs Peak from Mt. Lady Washington in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
The Diamond - Prints available

The Diamond reflected in Tim's sunglasses

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