Thursday, April 23, 2015

Four Seasons - The Flatirons

Boulder Colorado Flatirons four Seasons  Winter Summer Fall Spring photography by Aaron Spong

Earlier this year, I completed a series of four photographs of the Flatirons from Chautauqua Park located in the city of Boulder. The pictures are taken from the exact same location with a classic view of the mountains at different times of the year. To make a four-season series requires a bit more work than you might think. I must have visited this spot seven or eight times to get the resulting four images. Sometimes I would get there before dawn and the sun wouldn't come out or the leaves weren't changed yet. Conditions don't always cooperate. These images are the best out of the bunch and have quickly become my best selling photography prints on my site.

Boulder Colorado Flatirons in Springtime with flowers and moon

The Boulder Flatirons in Autumn from Chautauqua Park Colorado
Early Fall

The Boulder flatirons in lat fall from Chautuaqua Park Colorado on Thanksgiving day
Late Fall

The Boulder Flatirons from Chautauqua Park in Winter with snow

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