Monday, May 18, 2015

Design - Colorado 14ers List with Profile Outlines

Colorado 14ers poster with peak silhouette outlines peak profiles and levels of all 58 mountains
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My recent design featuring the Colorado 14ers is quickly becoming one of the best selling prints on my website.  Each of the ranked 14,000 ft. peaks in Colorado is represented from left to right/top to bottom in order of elevation.  Mt. Elbert is at the top at 14,433 ft. above sea level.   Each peak has a unique silhouette/profile that distinguishes it from the others.  Many people who live near these mountains are able to identify these peaks simply by looking at their outline.

Close up detail of peak outlines

Years ago, I was describing the beauty of the mountains we saw on our recent trip to a friend.  I drew a line on a paper to show him what Mt. Princeton looked like.  This gave me the idea to create an entire picture that listed and illustrated all the unique lines representing the peaks.  I spent a long time drawing out each outline and arranging them on the rock textured Colorado state flag background in photoshop.  Once finished, I posted this image on social media and it quickly went viral.   After a couple months, it had been repined over 10,000 times on Pinterest! 

One thing I've found is that Coloradans are proud of their state…and rightfully so!  What's not to like?   Great scenery, skiing, 4wheeling, fishing, hiking, climbing, rafting, sunny weather, the list is endless.  I can't think of another location I'd rather live.  You don't often see people from other states wearing their state flag on their hats and T-shrts like they do here.

A different version of this poster without the flag: 

Prints Available

I also offer a large size of this design on value priced poster paper here:

And even on T-shirts, minus the labels:

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