Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Murals at the Church Building

KD's first painting

We recently finished our last mural downstairs in the children's classroom area at the church building.  I am not above painting cartoons, but this job was a bit ambitious for just Cami and myself.  We called on some reinforcements for the giant Noah's Ark painting that covers a whole wall of the toddler room.  It was a fun time.  Thanks for your help Grandma and Grammy!


A few years ago Cami and I spent a summer painting murals of Bible stories in the hallway downstairs as well.  She's not super artistic, but was a huge help in filling in blocks of color, much like a paint by number. Then, I would go over the details and add shadows and highlights.  Here's a few of the murals.  We tried to keep them in chronological order:

Adam and Eve

The Flood

We thought it would be a funny prank to pull on Edward (our preacher) by painting his face as one of the characters in one of the Bible stories.  Originally, the plan was to put his face on Jonah getting swallowed by the giant fish, but we decided that was mean so we settled for Moses parting the red sea.

Turns out Edward just thought it was funny.  He posed in front of the mural to show a resemblance:

David and Goliath

Jonah and the Fish

Birth of Jesus

Feeding 5000


There are a few other murals I didn't get photos of, but you get the idea.  If you're ever visiting Longmont Church of Christ, go downstairs and check out the hallways!

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