Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Backpacking in the Sawatch - Lake Ann - July 2016


A buddy and I went for a short backpack into the heart of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness of the Sawatch Range.  The hike goes about 3 miles into Lake Ann around the base of Colorado 14er Huron Peak.  It's right about prime time for the blooming alpine wildflowers.

Above treeline - Huron Peak to the right

Lake Ann and a peak along the Continental Divide

Lake Ann looking north

We had no luck fishing in Lake Ann, though I had read of good fishing reports.  We had to settle for Mountain House for dinner.


Indian Paintbrush

In the evening, we hiked up to the west to find a little hidden unnamed lake with good photography potential of the Three Apostles.  The lake is near the base of Granite Mountain.  It took a bit of bushwhacking off trail and a little help from Garrett's GPS, but we finally found it.  We should have brought our fishing poles!  You could see hundreds of trout.  They were so close to shore that you could have grabbed them with your hands if you had the patience.  If we ever return to this area, we'll be camping near this lake instead.

Pools in the Harrison Flat with Huron Behind

Pools and the 3 Apostles with the rising moon

At the unnamed lake

Huron and the 3 Apostles

reflection of the three apostels in the collegiate peaks wilderness colorado
The Three Apostles sunset reflection

After dark we hung around to capture a night shot at the little pools we visited earlier:

Milky Way photography Sawatch Range Colorado Lake Ann Huron Peak
The 3 Apostles and the Milky Way

Almost anytime you see a shot like this of the night sky with the mountains and foreground having the correct lighting, the image is a composite of at least two separate images.  The amount of light in the sky versus the ground make it impossible for any camera (that I can afford) to capture the details in both at the same time.  The starry part of the image was taken at a different time of night, but represents a glimpse of what the scene looks like with the naked eye.

Parting shot of the Apostles

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