Friday, March 17, 2017

Art Lesson - Pattern Design Creatures

Grade: 3rd-8th
Time: 2-4 class periods
Materials: Pencil, paper, marker/pen

In this project students follow along with the teacher and draw the outline of a creature or animal.  Then we draw lines inside the animal to create different shapes.  Within each shape students use a pen or marker to create a unique pattern that fills that specific shape.  Once all the shapes within the animals are filled in with unique patterns, we use graphite to add the shadows in/around the creature to give them a little 3D effect. 

Here's a timelapse video of the process from the teacher example:

The process is very simple and easy, but also requires patience and some thought and creativity to invent new patters.  The animals/creatures turn out well and each one looks different from the others.  I did the projet with 4th graders but, it could definitely be appropriate for higher grades as well.

Student Examples:

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