Thursday, July 26, 2018

High Lakes in Wild Basin - July, 2018

Reflection of Mt. Alice in Thunder Lake in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
Thunder Lake - Prints available

After hiking up to a high lake in Wild Basin this past week, I realized that this was the longest (distance) hike I've ever done.  In all the mountain climbing and 14er adventures, I've never gone more than 16 miles in a single day.  This one broke the 16 mile mark according to Tim's gps, which I'm sure is a reason why images of this area are rare.  We had a perfect partly cloudy day with perfect weather for this outing.  I'll just share some shots from the hike:

Ouzel Falls with a sunburst in Rocky Mountian National Park, Colorado
Ouzel Falls

Wild Basin cabin with elephant head wildflowers and Mt. Alice in Rocky Mountain National Park
Elephant Heads and Mt. Alice

Thunder Lake

Longs and Meeker
Lake of Many Winds

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