Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Crystal Mill Acrylic Painting
Paitning - Crystal Mill - Prints Available


I just finished up a painting of a Colorado classic, the Crystal Mill.  I've been in the Aspen area many times, but have never actually made the drive to see the old ruined ghost town of Marble and this beautiful scene.  It's such an iconic spot I had to paint it!  I'm sure I'll make it up there in person sometime.  

The painting itself took about 20 hours.  I actually have been staying after school each day with my daughter and we work on our "art projects" for about an hour before we go home.  That way, we make sure to make progress toward the final product, be it ever so slowly.  This type of painting is very tedious and requires a lot of attention to detail.  It felt good to finish this one!  This might be my last painting until the fall.  I'm excited to switch from painting to drawing mode in the near future and start some projects I've been wanting to do for a while.



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