Friday, March 1, 2024

Family Trip to Cozumel - Winter 2023

This winter, we took a family trip to Cozumel where Brian and Dive had lived for a few years in the past.  We waited until the morning of the trip to tell the kids we were going.  We surprised them when they woke up just to see the look on their faces!  Neither of them had ever been to the ocean or on a plane or out of the country so a lot of firsts were being had!  It was a great time and B & D were awesome tour guides for us!  The whole time we were there, they had a "cold front" that was going through.  All the locals were bundling up in jackets while we were like, wow 70 feels nice! 

 I did take one of my Nikon's too: 

Definitely tough to come home from that one!  Back to winter and cold.

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