Sunday, March 29, 2015

Early Spring Summit - Mt. Guyot

Date: 3/28/2015
Route: Mt. Guyot - Northwest Ridge
Elevation Gain: 3,100'
Mileage: 7-8
Partner: Brad

Mt. Guyot (named after a Swiss Geologist) is one of those peaks I've driven past and marveled at many times along Hwy 285 on route to hiking other mountains.  It is reletively unknown as it doesn't reach that 14,000 ft. mark, but is quite a cool looking peak from afar.

Mount Guyot from Highway 285 with red barn in winter
Mt. Guyot from Hwy 285

I was happy that Brad invited me to climb something this weekend.  The mountain bug has been hitting me pretty hard all Winter.  This would make for a great first peak of the year having a perfect sunny day on a route with very little avalanche danger.  Brad and I drove down to the trailhead just outside of Breckenridge using Bill Middlebrook's route description as a guide.  We could see our entire route ahead from the parking lot. 

Mt. Guyot - Prints Available

The entire route to treelike required snowshoes.  We initially missed the split off for the trail because the snow was so deep, and it was covered.  Brad used his GPS to backtrack to the right location.  From there, we hiked up the hill and soon were able to follow ski tracks all the way to the ridge.  The route to the summit is very straightforward from there and only required microspikes.  The weather was very nice with a bit of wind that was strong enough at times to make you stagger, but nothing too bad.  We took our sweet time and enjoyed the views.  Summit was around 1:45.

Brad taking a break


Nearing the summit with Bald Mountain Behind and Silverheels to the far left

Grays and Torreys from the summit

Summit Panorama - Prints Available

Great peak, great friend, great weather, great day!

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