Monday, March 23, 2015

Paper Mache Dragon Mount

We are doing a paper mache unit in art class this year in 3rd -5th grade.  I found an awesome video by a former art teacher who does paper mache monsters and dragons in his off time. This one is a 3 minute time-lapse video of him making a dragon head mount:

 I decide to use this video as a reference and see if I could make a similar dragon head as an example for my students.  I think its good for the kids to see that I'm able to do the same projects that they are, but at an advanced level.  You know the saying, "Those who can't, teach"?  For some, this might be a true statement (just don't tell that to a teacher unless you want to make enemies).  I try to make sure people know that some of us teachers can do, and we still teach anyway. 

before painting:

painting progress:

finished product: Not to bad for a first attempt!

The kids love the dragon head example!  A few of my first graders have offered to buy it from me.  

"Mr. Spong, I'll buy that from you for 2 dollars!" 

"How about 1 million dollars?"

"Ok!  I'll get the money from my parents and bring it tomorrow"

"Sounds good.  see you tomorrow."


It took about 3 months to make this sculpture that will soon hang up in my room.  This is by no means my specialty medium to work with, but I'm finding that there are endless things you could make out of paper mache.  I'm already starting to come up with some paper mache Halloween costume ideas for my daughter. 

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