Saturday, May 6, 2017

Family Trip - Great Sand Dunes National Park

High Dune from Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado
Great Sand Dunes from High Dune - Prints available

Family trips can be difficult, but rewarding.  It's a chore hauling two kids across the state between baby crying and traffic and the occasional "Are we there yet?"

"How many more minutes until we're at the sand dunes Daddy?"

"About 200 Sweetie."

Road to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the San Luis Valley
Road to the Sangre de Cristos - Prints available

Then you get to your destination and put sunscreen on, hats, water, bottle, snacks, jackets, etc.  Did we forget anything? 

"Just stuff him in there!"

"Should we change his diaper first?"

"Too late he's already buckled in the seat.  I'm not taking him out again!"

"If he gets his pants dirty, I'm going to be upset.  Those are the only other pair we brought."

"It'll be fine.  He can just go without pants.  He's a baby!"  

Once we finally start on the sand, all is good in the world.

Scroll at your own risk.

 KD made it all the way to the top without complaining... much. 

He loves the sand!

This was also a photography trip.  In the evenings, I abandoned the wife and children at the hotel and went out in search of some landscape beauty.   The weather was pretty good both days with some clouds making for great shots of the mountains and dunes.

Sunset over the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve Colorado Star Dune and the Crestones
Sunset over Star Dune and the 14ers from the south - Prints available

Sunrise on the Blanca Group.  Mt. Lindsey at right - Prints available

The second evening I hiked up to the top of (9000ish ft.) High Dune for some close up shots of the mountain range.  I had done this once before, but forgot how Incredible the view is.  I would highly recommend hiking up there if you go to the park.  It's a bit of work, but well worth it.  The winds picked up as I approached the top.  Also, make sure to cover your skin (and your camera) so you don't get sandblasted.

Approaching the top

Panorama from High Dune in the late afternoon

Sunset clouds over the Sand Dunes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
Sunset from High Dune - Prints available

Fiery Sunset Over the Dunes - Prints available

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  1. wow breath taking. The wind was so bad when we went we didn't get far.