Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Flatirons hike - May 2017

Flatirons Wildflowers - Prints Available

Took a quick sunrise trip to Chautauqua Park to see how the wildflowers were looking.  The heavy rain and snow this spring must be pushing it back a bit.  There were a few pockets that were blooming, but most of the area is a couple weeks away yet. 

Lupines at sunrise - Prints Available

I'd never actually hiked up into the hills around the flatirons before.  I decided to hike to the top of Flatiron #1.  Probably should have done some research, because it turns out that you can't "hike" to the top.  It's a technical climb, which i quickly learned as I reached some sketchy scrambling below the summit.  Nope... not trying that.  Still a beautiful area to hike up to.  It's no surprise the park is so popular.  Not too crowded at dawn though!  I saw only one other person on the way up at 6:00 am, but passed dozens on the way down an hour later.   

Flatiron #3

 Great views of Indian Peaks 

This was the stopping point

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