Monday, June 25, 2018

Flattop Mountain and Beyond - June 2018

Tim alpine running on the North Inlet Trail
Tim running high on the North Inlet Trail

This weekend, Tim and I went for an exploration hike in RMNP.  We started out on the Flattop Mountain trail to the summit, then left the trails and explored high ridgelines in the backcountry.  Tim has been running marathons this summer, so his pace for the hike was MUCH faster than I'm used to.  It was kind of refreshing being able to move so fast, but also challenging to keep up (especially) on the uphill.  


Hallett from near the summit of Flattop

Flattop mountain has to be the flattest at the top mountain I've ever summited.  I'm not really sure where the actual summit was.  We grabbed a quick bite and moved along as the wind was strong and chilly.  I'll nerd out by naming the peaks we see in the following images. 

Notchtop and friends with the Mummy Range in the distance.
Flattop Summit

Taylor Peak B I believe
Snowdrift Peak

Andrews Peak (left of center) and Ptarmigan Peak (right)

Andrews Peak and an alpine tarn pool in the backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Cool alpine pools in the backcountry - Prints available

And what is a good trip report without the obligatory flower and critter shots:


Overall, the gps said we went about 15 miles/4,000 vert. making this the longest one of the summer for both of us.  I'm really starting to enjoy exploring some of the rarely visited areas of one of the most popular national parks.  Once we left the Flattop Mountain trail, we didn't see another soul until we returned.  Rocky is a lot bigger than it seems and still has a great deal of wilderness for those who are willing to hike a bit farther.

Emerald Lake and Longs

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